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Personal Development. Human Potential. Humble Self Awareness. Soulful Insights. 
Are all just a small handful of what really inspires me. 


I AM A QUALIFIED COUNSELLOR  - Who is holistic & believes in the creative arts, gardening and movement as a form of therapy.

LIFE COACH -  Who truly believes the world is full of truth aligned possibilities.

ENERGY PRACTITIONER - Who knows how transformational energy work can be.


EVERYDAY HUMAN - Who is humbled by my intuition, life and all that entails.

I've spent a great chunk of my life working closely with children and youth, Indigenous communities and every day humans wanting to heal, grow and embrace the gift that is living. To understand self more intricately, to bring greater awareness into consciousness. I believe in kindness with my whole heart, equality, justice, positivity, healing, nature, love and the beauty of living!


My working style is passionate and compassionate. My life's experiences have been my very most powerful teachers. As I travel my journey it is my humbled, heartfelt privilege to work alongside people like you as we heal, learn, expand, let go and grow together.



I hold an Advanced Diploma in Childhood Development and am passionate about working alongside parents, youth and teens. 
- I have been a school Wellbeing Co-ordinator focusing on children and teacher wellbeing.
I have worked with people from all walks of life, one to one and in groups, in many different counselling and healing capacities. 
- I spent five years working remotely in the North West of W.A. From communities to group homes to women’s centres. I have worked, held space and supported the healing of deep trauma and complex behaviours . 
- I have held professional self development, intuitively led workshops, women's circles, retreats and events. 



Counselling and Healing Sessions Available online or in person.
Falcon, Western Australia


Standard.                          $100 per session.
Generous.                         $120 - $140
Holes In The Wallet.      $80.
I'm really struggling?    
Please reach out to see what we can do!


Diploma Of Counselling - Major Childhood Development  |  Reiki Practitioner  |  Life Coach  |  Meditation  |  Teacher  | Intuitive

Holistic Counselling

Artistic Therapies

Sometimes in life we can feel scattered, overwhelmed, anxious or indecisive.


Or, we can be thriving and wanting to further harness positive energy, self-belief and personal development. 


My holistic counselling sessions offer a space to be heard.


To de-brief, reframe, expand and grow - helping you to set goals providing the support you need to achieve those goals and re-gain a whole sense of self.


Intuitively guided

Feel a deeper sense of calm and relaxation. Relieve burn out, fatigue, stress and overwhelm

Increase self-awareness and connection to self. Support to move stagnant energy.

Expand limiting beliefs.

Allow more love, gratitude, acceptance and expansion to flow through.

Increase connection to your own truth. Invite an intuitive language.

"Emily is one of the most special, kind and gifted persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her clear intuition and sense of people is incredible. She had offered a connection to my Mother who had pass over that is so true and invaluable to me. I am often amazed at the messages Emily receives and just how well she can pick up on a persons energy even when they are far away. I trust her completely and since meeting Emily she has brought peace, clarity, meaning and surety into my life. Thank you for all you are and all you do Emily, you yourself are a precious gift, Im so grateful you share."

Lana Storm 

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