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01 IN THE MORNING.mp3Emily Rose + Brendan Gaspari
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 "Emily is beacon of guiding light. Her insight constantly amazes me. She's intuitive with what she senses and feels regarding intimate details of my life. Whenever I am in need of guidance, Emily is someone I always turn to because I trust her wholeheartedly. She is a gem of a woman."



You'll find me by the ocean, desert roaming, in a forest or on an unknown road to somewhere magical. I am a Dreamer. Visionary. Gypsy Soul. Purposeful Wanderer, sometimes lusciously lost, mostly found. I follow my heart & always lean in listening to the call of the wind.  Healer. Intuitive. Humanitarian spirit. Soulful- Soul Full. Human. 
My life is full of magical moments, as well as the painful & the norm. My belief is ANYTHING is possible & I believe this even more so for YOU!

I am a counsellor - who is holistic, a healer who is intuitive & a writer with out a title. 

I work with energy, spirit, youth, Indigenous communities & every day humans. A nice little mix! 

I am passionate & compassionate. Strong & paper thin. My life's experience has been my most powerful teacher.

That's me. Just me. That's who I am.