" The Magic of Nature's Remedies " 


DIY Workshop

Create your own natural remedies using hydrosols, essential oils, crystals and ancient healing practices. Intuitively tune in to what your body needs. Allow nature to support, heal and revitalise your MIND, BODY + SOUL. 

For centuries people have been empowered to look after their own health and wellbeing through methods gifted to us by nature. Hydrosols and essential oils have proven themselves as effective and popular tools for millions of people around the world to utilise the potent healing properties of plants. Discover the magic of nature in the healing of the mind and spirit. Reconnect with the blessing of nature’s gifts. Empower yourself to intuitively heal and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Join Emily Dewar and Loren Izzi for an interactive and informative workshop exploring the magical properties of hydrosols and essential oils. The workshop will cover topics such as energy protection, mood management, feminine (or masculine) re-balance, the healing power of meditation, enhancing mental clarity and focus, aromatic triggers to transition mental and emotional states, simple rituals to enhance relaxation.

Create your own signature blends to support your self-healing practices at home. Be guided on how to intuitively select your ingredients from a range of dried herbs, wildflowers, essential oils and crystals.

What you will make:
•    Hydrosol spray for energy clearing
•    Essential oil roller blend for meditation and focus
•    Essential oil roller blend for feminine re-balance (or masculine re-balance for men)
•    Essential oil signature scent for de-stressing and relaxation


If you adore herbs, flowers and essential oils, you'll love this innovative new workshop!

Friday May 11th

5.30 PM to 8.00 PM 



(30 mins from the CBD )


Located on a secluded, forest property, surrounded by nature.

2.5 hour interactive and informative workshop

* Healthy Refreshments Provided *

* Spaces are limited - Bookings Essential *

About Emily Dewar

Holistic Business Owner, Soul Coach, Intuitive Guide + Workshop Facilitator 

About Loren Izzi

Entrepreneur, business coach, conscious co-creator and doTERRA Leader Loren Izzi has been living in tune with nature since childhood. Growing up amongst the bushland and wildlife of the Swan Valley region, and later residing in coastal locations in Western Australia, an innate connection to water, earth and flora has been subconsciously instilled into daily life. Since a small child, she has chased the thrill of innovation, entrepreneurial creation and the rewards of making an impact in the lives of others.


As any business owner can relate, the trials of entrepreneurial life may well be one of the greatest personal development journeys to undertake. An inquisitive mind and a thirst for learning have presented Loren with diverse opportunities to access extensive and eclectic teachings about the secrets of Mother Earth. Loren attributes her connection with nature’s remedies as her grounding, revitalising force that allows for unwavering pursuit of her entrepreneurial dreams. It is these daily rituals and habits she wishes to share with other business owners and conscious co-creators, to empower them in pursuit of their dreams and to be in alignment with their life purpose. 

Note: this workshop utilises Dreemtime essences and doTERRA essential oils for their exceptional quality. The primary focus of this workshop is to teach self-healing practices and empower participants to introduce nature’s remedies into their daily lives. 


Friday May 11th

5.30 PM to 8.00 PM