" The Art Of Forgiveness "

" The Art Of Forgiveness "
A Compassionate way to Forgiveness.

Set amongst the tree's, we walk on a beautiful pathway to our private natural location... 

When we hold onto the past or present hurts caused, we allow ourselves to hold onto the pain of unforgiveness. Whether that be to ourselves or to someone else, this internal emotion can manifest itself in our emotions, our energy & even in our physical state of being. 

When we make the conscious choice to forgive, it does not mean we forget or allow our boundaries to be crossed, it means we remove judgement & open our hearts to compassion, for both self & others. 

Compassion & love are the keys to releasing unforgiveness from our lives, hearts, minds, energies & bodies. When we begin with the intention to transform unforgiveness to compassion, we have already begun our journey to healing, creating space for more love to enter into our lives. 

Unforgiveness can so easily be judged as a " bad " emotion, yet it can also be a powerful reminder of our boundaries, our personal stories, our strength & courage, our beautiful ability to love & forgive & an insight into our deepest core being. 

So please join me, hidden away in a beautiful forrest setting in the Perth Hills for ....

- Deep letting go meditation
- A cleansing ceremony
- Releasing exercises 
- Collective healing 
- intention setting
- & an evening full of compassion, loving kindness, like minded people, combined with the healing energy of the forrest.

Light, healthy refreshments provided 


Friday 2 February 2018
5 pm to 7pm ( Please allow extra time in case we run over ) 
Pm me for the address 
$30 per person or pay from the heart ♥