Align Your Business With Your Heart + Soul

"A Heart Centred Workshop, Connecting Intuition & Strategy For Business Owners + Entrepreneurs" 

Join us, Emily Dewar & Loren Izzi, for a 4 hour intensive workshop, connecting business and intuition, to align to your highest, truest, soul-aligned passion and purpose filled business.

Saturday May 26th

4.00 PM to 8.00 PM 



(30 mins from the CBD )


Located on a secluded, forest property, surrounded by nature.

4 Hours of intense business development, inspiration + applicable strategies for mind, heart + soul. 

BRING : Notepad + Pen

* Healthy Refreshments Provided *

* Spaces are limited - Bookings Essential *

In the quiet of the forest, within the comfort of a boho style tipi tent, come together with like minded, business owners for a 4 hour intensive business workshop, to further build confidence in your intuitive connection to your business, as well as learning strategies to further enhance, grow and achieve your business goals. 

This workshop is great for those who are... 

  • Starting out in business or contemplating a soul aligned business idea-

  • Who are seeking ways to further grow and develop their existing business

  • Those who want to match their business worth to their financial income

  • Business owners wanting to truly connect to their passions, purpose and soulful alignment to serve 

  • Especially great for entrepreneurs in coaching, health related, spiritual, healing fields.

  • Those wanting to understand successful business strategies with confidence and clarity 

  • Tuning into your intuition to higher serve your business direction / clients / growth / steps forward 

Meet Loren Izzi - Marketing Strategist 

As a business owner, entrepreneur and manager I get that marketing strategy, organisation and creating systems in your business is not always a creative, soul-fulfilling way to spend your time. It's something we can rarely make time for, instead, often favouring the fun, interactive work with clients or dreaming up our newest product or service. But the truth is, a strong foundation will enable you to prosper in your soul aligned business creatively and allow you to continue making changes in people's lives. 

And that is why I'm here.... Hi I'm Loren, your marketing strategist. I'm a multi-passionate, spiritually aligned entrepreneur and I am here to show you how to integrate your soul's purpose into the bones of your business. 

I want you to have a look at your services and packages you offer right now... Do they allow you to easily reach your income goals? Are you working in your genius zone and serving your clients in a way that fills your energy cup? Does your business and self worth match your financial worth? If the answer is no, then this is the workshop for you! 

Meet Emily Dewar - Holistic Business Owner, Soul Coach, Intuitive Guide + Workshop Facilitator 

As an intuitive business owner myself, I understand the labour of love it can take to truly build a business that is heart centred and soul aligned. So often, just when we think we have found the right path for our business, this can swiftly change, sometimes through new inspiration and ideas and other times through a lack of clarity, confidence and a round of self doubt. Yet when we are aligned with our intuition and tuned in, connected to ourselves, we are able to follow this instinctively to create a soul-filled, heart felt business that makes us vibrate and feel alive, all while we are "working" on building our businesses. It is such a special feeling to be doing what you love everyday, in a creative space of flow and know that the universe is supporting you financially, to serve through your business, because you are truly aligned with your purpose... 

So together, we will show you how to lean into your intuition with trust and an open heart, how to change your money mindset and manifest your dream clients, how to create a business that inspires you, that resonates deeply with who you are at your core and allows you to live your purpose, while earning an income, through soul-fulfilling work that lights you and the world up around you...

The balance between intuition and strategy are so important when it comes to soulful, purpose filled, truly aligned businesses. Join us on MAY 26TH for an empowering business workshop to support you to step into your very own " SOUL BUSINESS." 



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