Diploma Of Counselling 
Major Childhood Development

Reiki Practitioner 

Life Coach

Meditation Teacher 


" Thank you Emily for being such a truely beautiful gifted soul.
You are incredibly inspiring, caring, balanced, accurate and you empower, confirm,
encourage people to follow their life's journey and dreams. 
Always blessed thankful to receive your amazingly beautiful guidance and insight.
You fill the world with absolute love positivity joy and happiness."

- Colleen -

Western Australia 



Hi There.

I'm Emily. The founder & creator of 'The Belief Project.' 

Ever since I can remember, I knew that I was here to share my gifts with as many lives as I could, in order to make a positive impact in the world. Always a dream chaser, always a believer in magic, always a follower of my heart, I have walked the path less travelled, as I've defined my own life, aligned with my truest happiness, my passions & my purpose. 

But... This does not mean that it was or is always easy....

From a young age, I experienced the challenges of low self esteem, debilitating self worth & such negative views of myself, that my life looked entirely different to the one I have created for myself today. Yet, as I TRANSFORMED my early experiences of the world around me with HEALING & GRATITUDE to a perspective which truly supports my GROWTH, I then gave myself the gift of EMPOWERMENT to take the pen & write my own story.  

As the years have gone on, I feel my wisdom has deepened, my life experiences have broadened, my heart has expanded, my understanding of people & the mysteries of this beautiful life have developed & I want to share my knowledge with as many people as I can. I realised " The Belief Project, " was always more then just an idea of encouraging others to follow their dreams, it was the desire to truly

' change the world, to have an impact ' by supporting those who have experienced their own limitations, guiding them to recognise the power of our BELIEF SYSTEMS ; so no matter their circumstance, they too could contribute to humanity, by raising their own vibration.


 From my truest heart, I only wish for my clients & for all human beings to see in themselves the beauty, strength, courage & potential I see in each & every person...


 & so... The Belief Project is brought to life.... 

With Love..

Emily xo

Who we see ourselves as ..
What we think we can achieve..
How we see the world, ourselves & the people in it all comes back to whether your
Belief system EMPOWERS you or LIMITS you...