APRIL 21st TO APRIL 22nd


Hidden away on a secluded property in the Perth Hills, this unique retreat offers the chance for anyone wanting to truly recharge & reconnect with a sense of purpose, growth, healing & deep awareness. Spend the weekend tuning out of the busyness of the world & stepping into nature to find stillness with in, to clear away the mind chatter, realign to true self, step into purpose, shed away old beliefs, create space for new beginnings, reconnect to intuition.. All supported by a natural setting in the forrest...

- Daily Yoga 
- Daily Meditation 
- Self Development Workshops
- Time In Nature
- Bushwalking
- Mind, Body, Soul Practices

- Creative Intuitive Nature Art Projects
- Holistic Healing & Wellbeing Professional Talks
- Developing Intuition

- Soulful Connections
- Healthy Nutritious Food

All lead by qualified professionals.



$500.00 Full Connection Package

$300.00 Daily Connection
( Excluding Accommodation )

( Payment plan available. Please contact me )

Spend a weekend wrapped in the forrest, investing deeply in your mind, body + soul, to rest, rejuvenate and be inspired to reconnect, deeply.

I would love to support your connection, healing & growth in a loving, non judgemental, peaceful setting surrounded by the forrest & like minded people.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further details on this event.

Places are limited so please book your space asap.

Contact or email me @ emily_dewar@hotmail.com | 0438 265 180 for more details.

With much love,

Emily xox


Full Connection Package Includes


Arrive at 12 pm Saturday April 21st
Depart 4pm Sunday April 22nd

- One nights accommodation in a luxury tipi glamping tent ( Shared - Tents are large & spacious ) under the stars, in the forest
- All meals provided : Vegetarian : Created by a nutritious, health conscious cook, prepared & served with love 
- Awaken to a morning yoga session out in the forest ( weather dependent ) 
- Bushwalking experience at your doorstep
- Intuitive development around the campfire
- An energy group healing By Emily

- Self Development workshops to deepen your connection, healing, growth and intuition

- Meditation sessions to calm and still the mind
- Deep connections, to self, nature and other like minded souls


Daily Connection Package Includes


Arrive at 12 pm Saturday April 21st 
Depart 4pm Saturday April 21st
Arrive 9am Sunday April 22nd
Depart 4pm Sunday April 22nd

 -Vegetarian meals : Lunch provided both days. Created by a nutritious, health conscious cook, prepared & served with love 
- Mornign yoga session in the forrest ( Weather Dependent )
- Bushwalking experience

- Two days of Self Development workshops to deepen your connection, healing, growth and intuition

- Meditation sessions to calm and still the mind

- A morning yoga session out in the forest ( weather dependent ) 

- Connection to self, nature and other like minded souls

Emily Dewar | 0438 265 180
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Beautiful Words...From Beautiful Clients..

Lana Storm, Dunsborough Western Australia

" Emily is one of the most special, kind and gifted persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her clear intuition and sense of people is incredible. She had offered a connection to my mother who had passed over that is so true and invaluable to me. I am often amazed at the messages Emily receives and just how well she can pick up on a persons energy even when they are far away. I trust her completely and since meeting Emily she has brought peace, clarity, meaning and surety into my life 

Thank you for all you are and all you do Emily, you yourself are a precious gift, I'm so grateful you share."

- Lana Storm -

Dunsborough, Western Australia

Molly, Perth, Western Australia

" I have known Emily for many years and always known her to be such a caring and supportive personality however my love for her and her work grew when I went to my first workshop with her. I did not quite realise the reaction I would develop during the evening due to her support, guidance and ability to support others in supporting themselves. Emily allowed me to open up and accept how I was feeling whilst knowing she was there to guide me but also let me go. Her exercises using the subconscious really woke me up to emotions, challenges and opportunities I have been missing. Emily’s passion for helping others to understand and open up within themselves is inspiring and incredibly useful. She taught me a lot in a short space of time and I can’t wait to work with her more."

Coleen, Scarborough, Western Australia

" Emily is an incredibly beautiful gifted pure soul who radiates amazing energy ....she inspires others to believe, have courage, connect and discover their true purpose within themselves....Thankyou Emily for your divine workshops nestled amongst the stunning forest and having the passion enlightenment wisdom to guide people to shine believe and find happiness clarity love within themselves! You are amazing ...so grateful  "

Andy, Perth, Western Australia

" Meeting Emily for the first time, I felt immediately calm and began to feel my fears and anxieties starting to wash away." 

Emily, Perth, Western Australia

" I left Emily's workshop with a new found respect for my intrinsic self, as well as feeling truly and deeply grounded. As you arrive at her rural property, you are greeted with a herbal tea and a warming introduction. You are then taken on a short bush walk where you emerge into a clearing, this is the sacred space where the workshop takes place. As I sat under a beautiful gum tree surrounded by like-minded people, we were guided through well crafted activities and mindfull meditations. As the sun set behind the tree tops and the evening came to a close, all I could think to myself was "When will the next workshop be?Emily's passion for assisting people on their unique spiritual and emotional journey truly shines through. Thank you Emily for a profound experience."

Emily - Perth