"My persistence is the measure of belief I have in myself. "
~ Walt Disney ~

Energy Healing & Holistic Counselling.

We are most powerful when connected to our truth, our passions, our purpose and ourselves...

My sessions offer energy healing & intuitive counselling guidance for Children, Adolescents and Adults.
Working from a compassionate space, an Energy Session can offer support in the following.. 

- Emotional Healing
- Mental Healing
- Spiritual Healing
- Intuitive Guidance

I aim to help my clients feel safe, supported & nurtured, inspiring them to believe in the powerful path of self-healing. Intuitively I guide and hold the space for clients to overcome limiting blocks or beliefs & to deepen their understanding & awareness on all levels. I offer intuitive guidance & insight for my clients to see their highest potential, gain clarity, feel more connected & to open the path to their own intuitive, spiritual connection.

Each Soul has a divine path & purpose. Each soul carries its own lessons. When we understand ourselves on a soul level, we can begin to align to love over fear based emotions.

Intuitively guided, my Energy sessions include a balanced experience of both practical & spiritual support, including the use of my skills as a counsellor, life coach & meditation teacher & energy practitioner


I look forward to working with you. 

$80 per session

All sessions last a minimum of 1 hour.

Gift Vouchers Available.

Currently offering ONLINE sessions only Via phone or email. 


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"Emily is a beacon of guiding light. Her insight constantly amazes me. She's intuitive with what she senses and feels regarding intimate details of my life. Whenever I am in need of guidance, Emily is someone I always turn to, because I trust her, wholeheartedly. She's a gem of a woman" 


—  Lesley Allen, pursuingkindness.com.au