"Music expresses that which cannot be heard and on which it is impossible to be silent."


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You'll find me by the ocean, desert roaming, in a forest or on an unknown road to somewhere magical. I am a Dreamer. Visionary. Gypsy Soul. Purposeful Wanderer, sometimes lusciously lost, mostly found. I follow my heart & always lean in listening to the call of the wind.  Healer. Intuitive. Humanitarian spirit. Soulful- Soul Full. Human. 
My life is full of magical moments, as well as the painful & the norm. My belief is ANYTHING is possible & I believe this even more so for YOU!

I am a counsellor - who is holistic, a healer who is intuitive & a writer with out a title. 

I work with energy, spirit, youth, Indigenous communities & every day humans. A nice little mix! 

I am passionate & compassionate. Strong & paper thin. My life's experience has been my most powerful teacher.

That's me. Just me. That's who I am. 




 Emily is one of the most special, kind and gifted persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her clear intuition and sense of people is incredible. She had offered a connection to my Mother who had pass over that is so true and invaluable to me. I am often amazed at the messages Emily receives and just how well she can pick up on a persons energy even when they are far away. I trust her completely and since meeting Emily she has brought peace, clarity, meaning and surety into my life. Thank you for all you are and all you do Emily, you yourself are a precious gift, Im so grateful you share.