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 "Emily is beacon of guiding light. Her insight constantly amazes me. She's intuitive with what she senses and feels regarding intimate details of my life. Whenever I am in need of guidance, Emily is someone I always turn to because I trust her wholeheartedly. She is a gem of a woman."



Hi, I’m Emily!


Ever since I can remember I knew that I was here to be of service, walk the road less travelled, study whatever lights my heart on fire and use creativity to make even just a smidge of a positive impact in the world. 

Life has been FULL over the years – after growing up on a Wildflower farm in the bush, I’ve trained as a ballerina, toured the countryside as a songwriter, worked in remote communities with First Nations People, travelled to many beautiful places around the globe, studied human behaviour, the mind, metaphysics, as well as healing and holistic modalities - all the while grounding myself with a healthy dose of permaculture.

My journey often takes me off the beaten track ( where I feel most at home ) and yet always brings me back around again to my passions – nature, healing, creativity, conscious living, sustainability, travel, joy, gardening, community, connection and women's empowerment. I pour all of these passions into my businesses which has been built from the heart, ever changing and always growing. 

Whether you’re looking to heal, grow, reconnect, nourish your soul or treat yourself to a little luxury – I invite you to discover where your own heart leads you ..



Small batch creations. Consciously created. Infused with intention. Ethically sourced. 

Inspired by my childhood raised on a wildflower farm, 'WildFlower Folke' was created. A little bit quirky, a little bit rustic & made with a whole lotta love.


Keep it 100% natural & re-connect back to self care with my rustic range of soothing bath salts, hydrating face serums, nourishing perfume rollers & calming teas. If you love pre-loved don’t forget to check out our every changing range of vintage ceramic mugs too!!


All of our products are handmade with care & intention, designed to re-inspire you with beautiful, heartfelt products that are good for you with no nasties & nothing but nature’s magic ( & a little love ) Infused with essential oil blends to help uplift, restore and bring you back to centre to feel that connection to body, mind and soul.

Each product is home made, which means product to product may differ ever so slightly. Which only add's a little charm & authenticity to your order!


I spend way too long sourcing all of the ingredients so they are as ethical, low impact on the earth as possible & I'm always looking at ways to improve! Product packaging is sustainable, re-useable, eco-friendly or biodegradable & with every purchase you make online, I donate one tree to be planted @ ( ) – Because nature is everything & the world's wellbeing, means the world to me!! 

I hope you love your products just as much as I loved creating them.

With Love,

Emily x


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    ORGANIC TEAS                             FACE SERUMS                        BATH SALTS                     PERFUME ROLLERS


Escape to the coast to relax and unwind at Solscape Studio. Created with the intention to create a cosy nook, tucked away from the busyness of life, our boho boutique accommodation is just a short walk from the sea side and only an hour South from the Perth CBD and airport.


Designed and created from the heart for those who want to step back, unwind, recharge and nourish their wellbeing. With a garden view, we invite you to pick our organic herbs and veges from the organic gardens, sit by the outdoor fire in the winter, walk down to the ocean for sunset or simply retreat inside and read a book in the comfort of a cosy, warm lit, inviting studio.



Wellness retreat at solscape home.jpg

Heal. Nourish. Grow. Be.


Personally designed two night retreats. Tailor made by me, for you!

There are times in our lives where we feel the pull to turn inwardly ; to heal, to grow, to learn, to realign, to nourish, to reconnect or to simply step back from the world and just take a breath for ourselves. 

Our all inclusive wellness retreat is located just an hours drive from Perth.
Each retreat is personally designed, offering clients a nourishing, heart felt space with a program created specifically for each individual's needs.


  "Emily you are truly talented! What you wrote really resonates with myself, my mum and my partner... I want you to know that you were spot on! Truly incredible Em!"



Qualified, holistic services in a supportive, professional & compassionate environment. 


I am a qualified Counsellor - who is holistic & believes in the incredible strength of the human spirit to overcome life's challenges as we grow.

A Healer - who is grounded, conscious & humbled by integrated intuition.  

A Qualified Life Coach - who knows the world is full of possibilities & so are YOU! 

A trained Reiki & Energy Practitioner - who believes in the transformational possibilities of energy work, receiving, being supported & healing.

I've worked closely with children and youth of all ages, Indigenous communities, clients with significant trauma & every day humans wanting to heal, grow & embrace the gift that is living.

I believe in kindness with my whole heart, equality, justice, positivity, healing, nature, love, empowerment and the beautiful gift of being alive! 


Emily is one of the most special, kind and gifted persons I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her clear intuition and sense of people is incredible. She had offered a connection to my mother who had passed over that is so true and invaluable to me. I am often amazed at the messages Emily receives and just how well she can pick up on a persons energy even when they are far away. I trust her completely and since meeting Emily she has brought peace, clarity, meaning and surety into my life 

Thank you for all you are and all you do Emily, you yourself are a precious gift, I'm so grateful you share."


" I have had the privilege of knowing Emily for many years which has given me the added privilege of witnessing her spiritual growth first hand. She empowered me to explore and grow not just spiritually, but on all possible levels; personally, physically, emotionally and mentally. Her intuition and readings never seek to amaze me. Her honesty mixed with her open heart to bestow upon you exactly what your angels have been whispering. Emily is a light worker on this earth. With such a raw, genuine connection to the spiritual world she will enable you to open your eyes and explore life with new meaning: one the universe has been waiting for you to hear. She changed my life in all the best ways; as a mentor, a spirit sister, a kindred spirit and dear friend. Let her into your life too - you won't regret it " 

Thank you Emily for being such a truely beautiful gifted soul.

You are incredibly inspiring caring balanced accurate and you empower, confirm and encourage people to follow their life's journey and dreams. 

Always blessed thankful to receive your amazingly beautiful guidance and insight fill the world with absolute love positivity joy and happiness."







For when you want to reconnect, heal, grow, learn, or to simply step back from the world and just take a breath.


Our nature retreats and conscious workshops are held in the forest just 25 minutes south east of Perth.


We work closely with each client on a mind, body and soul level to tailor a personalised program just for you, creating a supportive, nourishing and heartfelt space to be inspired.

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